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    I have a question and I am hoping that someone can either explain or guide me in the right direction. My husband is a Marine who is currently deployed to Iraq. He was called into a superior's office, told to grab all of his belongings from the barracks and his office, and to sit and wait until further notice. He was advised that he is not to speak to any individual from his unit, that he was essentially a "ghost" to them. They did this to two other individuals that he works with as well. They were not given any reason as to why this was occurring. When he inquired as to why this was happening, he was told to do whatever he needed to do.
    In the time he was "set aside", it was rumored that 3 individudals (of much lower rank), had made statements that my husband and the 2 other men that were with him, had purposely made examples of the young troops, treated them harshly, caused them stress, and "hazed" them. Still, no specifics were given to my husband or the other men involved.
    They have not been charged with any crime or given any indication as to why all of this has happened.
    I am not naive as to what happens in the Marine Corps, but I know my husband. He follows the rules to the letter, across the board, he is firm and fair.
    My question is how do we fight this? He has tried to contact legal, but right now, he is not allowed to do anything. He feels like he is sitting in the dark with regards to all of this. He hopefully will be back in the states within a month. Even if this is cleared up within the military, I fear it will haunt him for the rest of his career. Would this be a possible case of slander if-- 1) we know what was said, and 2) if we can prove that the statements were untrue or harmful?
    Thank you

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    Default Re: Slander Of A Member Of The Military

    How do you fight what? A complaint was made about your husband, and his superiors apparently found sufficient basis for concern to investigate. That's what employers are supposed to do.

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