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    Default Possible False Noise Complaint

    Allright, i'm new to being in trouble with the law so thats why im here.

    Now i havn't gotten any documents or files yet, don't even know if i'm being charged yet, but when the officer who said he was going to charge me filed the report, i think he might of put a noise complaint down as the reason for stoping at my house, but since i know for a fact there wasn't one, because when i asked him what the problem was he said "just patrolling by, thought i heard some noise, so i decided to stop." now all that night he kept telling parnets and other people that there was a noise complaint. i don't know for sure if thats what he put, but if he did, do i have a case if i can prove there wasn't? and if so how? also i am a juvinile and the charge their trying to drop on me is "open house partying" or somthing like that, can they legally do that if the house isn't even in my name? and if they can, can they really charge my mom too, even if she didnt even know i was home.

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    Default Re: maybe a false report

    What MIGHT you be charged with? And what state is this in?

    Depending on the facts, he could easily get out and investigate loud noise or music even without a complaint, so finding that there was no radio call of a noise complaint would be irrelevant unless he testifes in court that he responded to a call of a noise complaint ... that would cast doubt on either his recollection or his veracity at that point.

    But, it's useless to wring your hands worrying about what MIGHT happen. When/if it happens, THEN you can act.

    - Carl
    Retired Cal Cop Sergeant & Teacher

    Seek justice,
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    Walk humbly with your God

    -- Courageous, by Casting Crowns ...

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    Default Re: Worried About Possible False Noise Complaint

    The officer was saying they were charging me with some sort of "open house party" charge, and we live in florida. but even without a case, i dont even think they can charge me since the house isnt even in my name.

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