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    Exclamation Car Repo'd Three Days Before Warning Letter

    STATE : North Carolina

    My car was repo'd from my job 3 days before I received a warning letter in the mail saying if I did not come up with this certain amount that they was going to repo my car.

    Firstly all this time I was going into carmax to make my payments not once did they tell me I was behind on my payments or was in danger of my car being repo'd. Instead they just took my money, gave me a receipt and said have a nice day. I would think that if they knew I was behind in payments they would refer me to the finanical office and get things figured out. ( I work in car business myself and know that the office clerks have access to knowing rather or not the customer is behind.) But according to carmax their office clerks don't know that kind of information, I just said whatever and let it slide because i'm not letting them know I have a new job,

    ( According to carmax I was 2 months behind , when I thought I was paying everything on time - meaning I may had been late but wasn't that far behind )

    Anyways.. my car has already been auctioned off and I got a letter in the mail stating how much my car was sold for and how much i'm held responsible for paying back.

    Now my question is.. Am I responsible to pay this amount back even though my car had been repo'd 3 days before my warning letter? And they keep threatening me saying they are going to turn me into the 3rd party collections if I refuse to pay which means -- court!

    I know of two people who has had a vehicle repo'd in the past years and going through the same thing I am going through now, however .. they never got summid to court to pay the fines .. they just finally got ignored.

    Soo.... what should I do?

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    Default Re: Car Repo'd Three Days Before Warning Letter

    Unless your loan contract requires the warning letter before repossession can occur, you were late so they can repossess.

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