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    Default Water Shut Off For Unannounced Renovations

    I have lived in my Boston apartment for 9 months now and re-newed the lease for another year (in Feb.) About 2 months ago the trust that owns our building began renovations on the 3 units directly below mine. Since the start of the work, our water has been shut off several times with out notice. During one of the occurrences, I WAS IN THE SHOWER! Another time, I was just getting home and needed to shower finding no water. One time they notified us 10 min. before the work began and told us the water would be off for a "few minutes" which turned in to over 4+ hours. After contacting the live in super, answering service for the trust (no one called us back) and our real estate agent, we have gotten nowhere. Also, the renovations were NEVER announced and my unit is the only one in the building (22 units) being affected because the renovated units are not occupied.

    Also, we caught the landlord in a lie about all of this! He told us "there was a leak" and when we called him out on the fact that its been going on for 2 months he replied "you are totally right."

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    Default Re: Water shut off/unannounced renovations

    Have you tried talking to the landlord about moving to a different unit unaffected by the construction?

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