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    Default Desperate 16-Year-Old Looking To Be Emancipated, in New York

    Okay, so I'm a 16 year old New Yorker looking to be emancipated from her verbally abusive sycophrenic mother. I am the last child out of the seven children that my mom has had and because I'm the youngest everything gets piled up on me. My mom is diagnosed with Sycophrenia and depression and she uses it as an excuse to be out right rude and disgusting. It has gotten so bad in the past couple of years that my stepfather left her and never came back. She is very hostel and when she doesnt get her way she pulls a series of tantrums that could last for hours, even days. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but when I read up on her condition it didnt mention anything about tantrums---if anything the depression would cause her to be very mello and calm.
    As long as I can remember my mom has been verbally abusive to not only me but my siblings as well. I knew what the word "skank" and "whore" meant by the time I was six. She always tried to do her best for us with or without our father being around but she throwed it back in our face when she became angry at us saying things such as "that's exactly why your father didnt want you---I should have left myself, put your stupid ass' into foster care." I always ignored it, but I cant anymore.
    Last night was the final straw. My friend came over and we spent the whole day having fun and chilling in my room. The next thing you know she's running through the house cursing and yelling at my brother about him not cleaning his room. Things escalated to where she was punching my nineteen year old brother in his head. I told my friend that it was time for her to leave and I walked her home. As soon as I stepped back into my gate my moms screams could be heard throughout the entire neighborhood. "ASHLEY GET THE F**K IN THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW B***H."
    I already knew that it was going to be a big argument. Even though I wasnt raised in a fair manor I learned the concept on my own. I learned that noone had to be mistreated for no reason, no one had to be cursed out everyday and abused and munipulated. I wanted to stand up for my self and that's exactly what I was going to do. So I started yelling back, "Mom, are you serious, are you really cursing and screaming at me outside the window eleven oclock at night?!"
    That's when she exploded.
    She began to throw garabage down the flight of my stairs, screaming, "B***H take this Sh*t out, I cant stand any of you, I wish you werent born..."
    So anyways, we ended up arguing and saying somethings. I told her what a horrible mother she is and she slammed my head in the dresser. SO I'm ready to leave this life behind. Can anyone tell me the rights of a 16 year old minor in New York City and the emancipation rules without getting child services involved?

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    Default Re: A desperate 16 year old looking to be emancipated [New York City]

    Where are you working to support yourself 100%?

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    Default Re: A desperate 16 year old looking to be emancipated [New York City]

    It is my understanding that New York does not have a law which provides for emancipation

    "Copied from an eariler post of Aaron's"

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    Default Re: A desperate 16 year old looking to be emancipated [New York City]

    Although there is no statute, New York apparently recognizes a common law path to emancipation. The following are elements that are generally described as what a minor must establish to achieve emancipation in New York.
    • The minor must be aged 16 or older;
    • The minor must reside independently of his or her parents;
    • The minor must be self supporting (although public assistance or court-ordered child support payments made to the minor would not disqualify the minor from being recognized as emancipated);
    • The minor must not be in need of or receipt of foster care; and
    • The minor must be living beyond the custody and control of his or her parents.

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