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    Default The Chances Of Being Prosecuted After Leaving The Store

    Recently my friends were arrested for shoplifting but I managed to avoid the employees who were questioning. I had stolen something but I refused to let them look at my bags, claiming that they were harrassing me and I left when they were taking my friends to the back room. They don't know who I am, so far as I know. I have never given them my information but I'm assuming my friends probably did. And I'm wondering can the store still pursue me even though they have no validity to their claim? I was not seen on camera stealing, as there is only one camera and it's above the cash registers. When I took the product, I was out of sight of almost everyone. So no one actually saw me take the product, but I was being accused since someone suspected my friends. Can I be prosecuted(in Michigan) by a store after leaving the premises after being accused of shoplifting?

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    Default Re: Just wondering.

    If they have proof, then yes. Just because you believe that nobody saw you, are you sure? How do you know?

    Even if you did not actually steal something, I would guess there are some statutes that allow them to charge you as an accomplice if they want to .

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    Default Re: Just wondering.

    If your "friends" gave you up then expect a letter, call or visit from PD sometime in next few weeks.

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