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    Exclamation Minor Boyfriend Wants To Live With Minor Girlfriend, Or Get Emancipated

    So the story goes like this. My boyfriend and I are both 15 turning 16. We have been together for two years living in the state of Wisconsin. We live right upstairs and downstairs from each other and pretty much live with each other. We have talked about getting married and would like to do so. Everything was going great untill things took a turn for the worst. Now his parents want to move him and his family four hours from where I am. My boyfriend doesn't get along with his parents and before I met him wasn't doing good in school or speaking to them. Since being with me...he has decided to not only finish and graduate high school,but also finish college as well. The catch is its only if he lives with my family. He never spoke about college or anything like that before. Now he wants to better his future. He and his father are constantly fighting and he *boyfriend* is always cleaning his house. No one else does anything but him. There are six people living there. His parents are the managers of our apartments and do absolutly nothing.Now that we are moving to a townhouse he wants to move with us. My mother offered to let him live here and his parents said no. He refuses to live with them and is here most of the time. We feed him and take care of him. He does stay at home but not often. The whole thing goes that now he wants to become emancipated but in Wisconsin thats almost next to impossible. Is there anyway for us to maybe get custody of him, my mother become guardian of him, or him to become emancipated and live with us? I don't want him to throw away his future all because his parents wont let him live here. If his future would be better with us...shouldn't that be best for him? He also listens to my mom, and never gets into trouble here. but at home he and his father constantly are fist fighting. I don't know what to do. Any information or advice would be absolutly appreciated. Feel Free to email me please.

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    Absolutely not.

    Don't even think it. There is no way a judge is going to take custody away from his parents because he doesn't want to leave his girlfriend. Get that idea right out of your heads because it WILL. NOT. HAPPEN.

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    Default Re: Minor boyfriend wants to live with Minor girlfriend...or get emancipated..HOW

    Not to mention if your having sex that itself is a crime since at least you are not age of consent.

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