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    Default Bad Outcome From Foot Surgery

    Okay, Dec. 2, 2005, my mom had foot surgery.
    She had a Morton's neuroma, bunions, and very mild hammertoes in both feet.
    She had surgery, and it is even worse...
    The mild hammertoes are now severe, and now her 2nd toe is shorter than her third, and it was not like that before...
    She hurts terribly, and it sucks, 'cause, like if we go to the mall, she cant walk that far without hurting so bad she has to sit, or we just have to leave...

    I know that it has been forever since the surgery, but we've had enough...

    Is there anything we can sue for?

    (mods feel free to move this thread if i put in the wrong place)

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    Default Re: Bad Outcome From Foot Surgery

    There's no way of knowing from that description alone. Unfortunately, even with good medical treatment you can still end up with a bad outcome. If you want to know if there is a possible malpractice case, have your mother take her medical records to a malpractice lawyer for review.

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    Default Re: Bad Outcome From Foot Surgery

    I don't know may she should see another doctor, waiting for healing is not an option.

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