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    Question Emancipation in Colorado

    Ok, here's the issue.

    My girlfriend's parents are crazy. Long story short, they want her out and want nothing to do with her legally. She is 17. She's still in school, she has a job, and she is independent.

    They're were talking about calling in a lawyer for foster care, when I recommended her trying to get emancipated. Her friend's mom would be glad to let her live with her. What's the whole process to get emancipated? Does she have to get a lawyer? What would she have to sign?

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    Default Re: Emancipation in Colorado

    Colorado does not appear to have a statutorily defined procedure for emancipation. It recognizes emancipation in its statutes:
    Quote Quoting Colorado Code 19-1-103. Definitions
    (45) "Emancipated juvenile", as used in section 19-2-511, means a juvenile over fifteen years of age and under eighteen years of age who has, with the real or apparent assent of the juvenile's parents, demonstrated independence from the juvenile's parents in matters of care, custody, and earnings. The term may include, but shall not be limited to, any such juvenile who has the sole responsibility for the juvenile's own support, who is married, or who is in the military.
    and it is my understanding that a court will recognize a minor as emancipated.

    As there is no statute, there is no specific procedure I can point to. She may wish to consult a family lawyer.

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    Unhappy Re: Emancipation in Colorado

    K so my family and life used to be great...but ever since we moved to another town me and my parents dont get along at all and its really effecting my future as an adult...they fight in front of me...they yell and cuss at me and they have no consideration. My dad hasnt been liked by my moms side of the family since they got married and my mom doesnt care for my dads side of the family much either. My mother and i dont get along at all...we have tried but there's just no use. My mother is very jealous of my realationship with my grandmother. (her mother) My nana and i get along like a mother and daughter should. And this summer i have been working in the office of the guest ranch my grandmother manages...our family all came down this past week and a huge fight broke out. Now my mother wants to make me quit my job here and go back home for the summer. I dont think its fair im being ripped apart and punished because my mom cant get along with her mother. all im it possible for me to live with my grandmother...i would like to be emancipated from my parents and taken care of by my grandmother. Im 15 and i am very well capable of living and caring on my own if nessacary. my grandmother would gladly with open arms take me in and are for me for the next 3 yrs. until i graduate. All im this possible?? </3

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    Default Re: Emancipation in Colorado

    Emancipation - no. A 15 year old cannot be emancipated (I don't think you fully understand what is meant by that. It does not mean that you subsitute living with your parents for living with someone else - it means that you, yourself, are fully self-supporting.)

    However, if your mother agrees, there is nothing in the law to prevent you from living with your grandmother. The key point is that you must have your mother's permission.

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    Default Re: Emancipation in Colorado

    luvly: Please start your own thread rather than hijack someones elses

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