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    Unhappy Can Collection Agencies Seize Your Car

    Can collection agencies who bought old debts from 1994 just come out and take away my car? It is 1999 and costs $6000 or $7000?
    Or do they just put a lein on it for when I eventually sell it? I am 63 years old and the debts are on joint accounts. I am divorced. He wont pay and I cannot as I live on a social security check for my only source of income.
    I own nothing else except some furniture, not ne and it is paid for.
    I rnt an apartment.
    What and exactly how do they do it?

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    Default Re: Seizing Car

    They can't seize anything until they get a judgment against you.

    It looks like the SOL has not expired if this is credit card debt since Ohio now considers credit cards as written contracts with a 15 yr. SOL.

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