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    Default Failed Drug Test

    I'm on probation in Georgia for reckless driving which I was arrested for a DUI but it got reduced. I was put on 12 months probation which this was month three and I got drug tested and failed (pot only) So now I have to go see the judge in three weeks for a probation violation. I'm a 24 yr college student never been in trouble w/ the law before the DUI in Jan 2007 and now this. I got off pretty easy with the DUI being reduced and the judge told me if he sees me in court again he will "throw the book at me."

    What do u think will happen when I go back to court?

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    Default Re: Failed Drug Test

    I don't know, but if you see a book flying your way... duck.

    If I were the judge, you would be looking at a few days in jail. This judge may be tougher than me, or more lenient... either way, I would personally want to be represented by a criminal defense lawyer.

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