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    Default Making Payments Toward A Default Judgment

    My husband owes on a credit card and agreed to a default by judgement and we are making monthly payments on this debt. We live in illinois and do NOT have a joint checking. The checking account is in my name only. Can they still freeze my account for his debt? My name is not on the credit card or the judgement?

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    Default Joint Account & Garnishment

    If you are participating in a court-approved payment plan, why would they garnish your account? (Or is it that there is no plan - and your husband is making payments on his own initiative as he is unable to pay off the judgment. If that's the case, he may wish to try to work out a formal payment plan with the judgment holder.)

    Ordinarily, your separate checking account would not be subject to garnishment. But keep in mind that if you use your account to shield your husband's money from garnishment, the judgment holder may try to convice the court to permit garnishment on the basis of any such commingling of funds.

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    Default default by judgement

    I agreed to this per a stand in attorney. (not mine did not have one) Said if I didn't agree to this it would go to trial. I was on an old credit card bill. Now they have frozen my checking account. My only source of income is my Social Security Disability. Can they do this?

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