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    Exclamation Can I Move Out at 17 in Florida

    I am 17 years old and I have a boyfriend that is 21. At the beginning of our relationship I had him meet my mom and tried to get her to know him, she was fine with it for a few days and then all of a sudden it was.. "No, you can't see him, you are only aloud to be friends with him" Now mind you, she told me one day that i couldn't hang out with him at all and then the next weekend came and i was going with him and our friends all day long mud bogging (with the 4wheelers and mudd truck). Well one day i started throwing up for some reason and mom saw it and she asked me if there was anyway that i could be pregnant, [[im not a good liar]] So i told her, I Don't Know. So she had me go to Wal Mart and buy a test to find out. Negative. So now she knows that we have had sex and that has really thrown her off. Well now im not aloud to leave the yard when i want to ride my horses. I have to stay in the yard and i can't talk to him on the phone. She took my cell phone away also. Well lastnight i took off on my horse and went to go see him for a quick minute and she knew that i went to go see him and then she started yelling at me and told me to move out, to pack my stuff, get out, She told me that she was over all the crap that i was pulling. [[ Just that i was going to see him without her knowing, basically.]] I told her that i couldn't because she could go to jail for child neglect, and that i couldn't be emancipated because the judge wouldn't like for me to JUST MOVE OUT. But if i were to move out i would go and get a hardship license (I only have my permit because mom told me that i couldn't get my permit until i was 16, but then it took me 6 months to go and actually get it after taking my drug and abuse test that your suppose to take) and use my friends vehicle to go to work and back home only. I would have a place to live.. with my boyfriend and our 2 friends.

    What i would like to know is.. If she told me to move out would it be legal for me to just move out, pack my stuff and go to my boyfriends, without signing any paper work? I heard that if someone didn't agree with it and went to the police, that i could get called to go back home and live with my mother. Is this true? Please tell me all the possibilites of me moving out under the age of 18.

    Thank you ahead of time for your help!

    P.S. I will be 18 in 330 days

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    Then in 330 days you can move out. Not before.

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    Okay, i understand that.. But she told me to move out... if she told me to. Can I be allowed to do that? And not get myself in trouble for listening to my mother by her telling me to pack my stuff and get out?!

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    If your parents give you consent to live elsewhere you may however they will still be legally reposnisble for you

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    Mom could also change her mind.....

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