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    state TX--posted previously about inheritance. Briefly, this a 48 year marriage with Dad fulfilling his "needs" on the side for the last 5 years. (just discovered this month)

    Now the question is: does my Mom stay in the house while she is getting her "ducks in a row" (retaining attorney, trying to gather more evidence about my philandering father) or does she leave now? I have printed documentation of an encounter just last month. He's using a web site, but has now changed his password. Thank you for any advice that you are able to offer.

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    Default Re: Leave Or Stay Until Legally Advised

    If mom's planning to hire a lawyer, there is no reason why she can't consult a lawyer expeditiously (i.e., next week). Absent some cause for more urgent action, there doesn't seem to be an instant need to move.

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