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    Question How Old Does A Child Need To Be To Become Emancipated

    A friend of mines cousin is in a horrible situation. She is the product of a one night stand. The mother give her up to the father. The father is married with three other children and 1 on the way. She is living in Indiana with her STEP Mother while her father is away working for the army ( in Ca.). The step mother treats her like crap. Everything that everyone else does is always her fault... Example... Her half brother recieved c's and d's on his report card an didn't get in any trouble but the girl in need of emancipation recieved an a- on her conduct grade and got the holy crap beat out of her! The girl is a straight a student and is very intelligent. She recieved an a- because she talked too much in class, I would too if I had no one at home to talk to. She wants to be emancipated and then wants to live with her cousins. which would take damn good care of her. Is there anything you could tell me that may help? What age is typical for this procedure? If emancipation isn't whats best whats next?

    P.S. The family has tried telling the father what is going on but he dont think things are of any concern! Please let Us know!!!

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    Default Re: How Old Does A Child Need To Be To Become Emancipated

    Emancipation occurs by age when a minor reaches the age of majority, which in Indiana is 18.

    Indiana has no emancipation statute, but it may nonetheless be possible to convince a juvenile court to grant emancipation where the court finds:
    1. The petitioning minor wishes to be free from parental control and protection and no longer requires control and protection;

    2. The petitioning minor understands the consequences of being free from parental control and protection

    3. The petitioning minor has sufficient money for the child's own support; and

    4. The petitioning minor has an acceptable plan for independent living.
    Few states permit emancipation before age 16 and, generally speaking, few petitions for emancipation are granted.

    If the girl is being physically abused, she may be able to get help from protective services.

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