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    Default Divorce and Repossession in Texas

    Me and my ex-wife bought a car together while we were married. She put down the down payment and I opened the loan account under my name. Well, a year later, we go to court to get a divorce. During the divorce process she wants the car, so I sign the title over to her in court, in front of her attorney and we each get a copy of the title transfer.

    Three months later, the car is repossessed and I get a letter stating that I owe the amount and it's on my credit. Did I have to sign the loan over too? Can you sign an automobile title over to someone and not the loan even though money is still owed on it? I don't understand.

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    Default Re: Divorce and Repossession in Texas

    If the loan remained in your name, you remained responsible to the lender for its payment. If your ex- was supposed to make the payments as part of the divorce judgment, she should have done so but that doesn't change your obligation to the lender. Ideally you would have either refinanced the car into your ex's name or had the lender agree to release you and let her assume the loan.

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