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    Default DUI in Colorado

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone might have any ideas on my situation. Thanks in advance!

    Saturday night I was dropping friends off and pulled over in front of their house facing the wrong direction. This is something that I know I should not do but I always do it even when I am sober! I was immediately pulled over by State Patrol. He asked for my license/registration which I gave him. He also asked if I had been drinking and I told him that I had. He asked me to perform a roadside test which consisted of eye test, walking the line and standing on one foot. I have a bad foot which I told him could possibly affect the walking test and that I have a lazy eye that could affect the eye test. I took the test and thought I did well, but he asked me to take a breathalyzer and I blew a .075. He then said that he would have to take me in for either a breathalyzer at the police station or blood tests at the hospital. I chose to go to the hospital for blood tests. I had 3 friends there 2 which were sober. Also, he never read me my rights. On the way to the hospital he drove 80 mph. When we got to the hospital he was very demanding to the LPN on staff that he needed a blood test done immediate. She told him that an RN would have to do the testing and that it would be a few minutes because she was declaring a death on the regular floor. He was very irritated and said "I knew I should have taken you to the other hospital". He then took me to a room where we waited for the nurse. At this point in time I had my 3 friend who were originally with me plus my best friend and her husband came, they were both sober as well. The nurse did come in and try and take my blood which she could not get, so she said that she would have to have a 2nd nurse come. The 2nd nurse came in and said he was not going to try because he could not see anything and that he would call a lab technician. After about 1-2 minutes the officer walked into the hallway and loudly said "This is Bullsh.." after a few minutes the lab technician came in and pulled the blood. He then asked me sign a summons form and handed me the form and a pen and pointed to where I was to sign, I signed and then he said " you were not supposed to sign it", I told him that he had just told me to sign it and he stated that "he is tired, was not supposed to be working and that he has been pulling two shifts". He then said I could leave. As we were leaving my friend asked him "where can I file a complaint about the way that you were driving to get her here?" The officer grabbed my friend by the arm and said "I am sick of your sh.. and you had better get your a.. in the car or I will take you to detox". This is my first offense, I have NEVER been in trouble. I know that it may not matter but I come from a good family and I am well known and liked in our area. The nurse at the hospital even made the statement that I would have never suspected that you were here for a DUI, you seem fine ( I felt fine). I am trying to find out if anyone feels that the way that he was acting and what he did to my friend would allow this to possibly be dropped? They said it will take 2 weeks for my blood results but did not schedule my court appearance for 1 1/2 months. I was charged with a DUI even though I blew a DWAI because he said that they have to wait for the blood tests. Can I get access to the blood results before court? Can I get access to his report before court? Just not sure what to do. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sorry this is so long! Thank you!

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    Default Re: DUI in Colorado

    You (or your lawyer) will probably be able to get an incident report and the BAC results before your court date. An officer's rudeness does not make an underlying criminal offense go away. Consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

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