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    Default Getting A Pardon After Having A Different Charge Sealed

    I wanted to know if I can get a Pardon for a charge after I sealed a separate charge. I was 21 years old when I was charged with Grand theft that happened in February of 2000, also I was charged with burglary of a conveyance in March of 2000. Well, I got my butt in gear and hired an attorney. I went back to college and I got a job at Winn-Dixie warehouse. Well the out come was good. I paid a lot of money in restitution within 60 days. The judge did something that shocked every one. She withheld adjudication on both of the felony charges. The state attorney agreed and the judge imposed it. I was placed on 3yrs probation in which it was terminated in 18 months. I really turned my life around. I never thought I had to worry about saying that I was never convicted. But after 9/11, and most companies are doing background checks and finding out about arrests. Fast forward to 2007, I quit Winn-Dixie and I moved to Oklahoma to attend O.S.U., graduated in May of 2007. Well, I am in the process of sealing the Grand Theft charge. I wanted to know if I can receive a Pardon on the burglary of conveyance. Both of my charges are eligible charges to be sealed. Here is the problem; Florida law only permits sealing one arrest per lifetime. Any feedback would help.

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    Default Re: Getting A Pardon After Having A Different Charge Sealed

    Laws are different in each state.

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