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    Default Maintaining Permanent Residency After Divorce

    A few years ago, I met someone from another country, and we became very good friends. He was involved and living with a person, and I was married. Our relationship continued to grow, and we became very close. Almost 2 years ago, he married the person that he was living with (who has since proven to be the wrong person for him), and filed for a green card to become a permanent resident. We've since come to realize that our bond is a very real and strong one, and we've talked about a future together. I am soon to be divorced. What are our options? How long will he have to remain married to this person before he can divorce her and not lose his status? Please help!

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    Default Divorce with Pending Green Card

    Unfortunately, that's a case-dependent inquiry. Your friend should consult an immigration lawyer about his situation.

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    In general, the safest option is to wait for the USCIS interview following the filing of the Removal of Conditions, I-751 (after a year and nine months of the grant of the Conditional Green Card).

    Maintaining your Green Card is a very serious matter, and you shoud consult with a competent Immigration lawyer.

    This reply is in the nature of general information, not legal advice and should not be relied on as such.

    Alex Berd, Esq.

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