So I applied for a new job and was denied because of some collections on my credit report.
Apparently a car I sold 5 years ago was towed last year and they impounded it and sold it and now say I owe $2400+ dollars and have put it into collections and now on my credit reports.
I contacted the company and they said it was my responsibility since I was the last registered owner and that release of liability doesn't free me from the debt.
They said the only option to get it cleared was to pay it and I would then have to decide to sue the person I sold it to for the money since he never reregistered it.
I call the police to file an extortion report but they said no crime was commited and they haven't broken any laws. They said my only option is to go to civil court and have a judge overturn the decision and make them take it off my report. Well then that would cost me a lot of time and money since I now live 500 miles away and would have to sue for costs.
Does this sound right? What can I do to get this resolved without going to court?
This company was also sued by the city of San Francisco for shady dealings. I've reported them to the FTC and filed a complaint with the county DA office but both have said they won't act on my behalf but will compile it and see if there are multiple complaints then pursue on behalf of "the people". This sucks. Can I also sue for damages due to loss of job?