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    Default Is A Deposit Refundable In Rhode Island

    is a deposit refundable? There was no verbal or written agreement about what the money was for or that the deposit was non-refundable. however, I do have emails that detail what the money was for with the agency... this is a modeling agency/photographic group scam, I think... Please help. Right now, it's the hands of PayPal to figure out if the recipient of the money ($500) has legal rights to the money...

    Would they look at it and say, oh, it could be a gift, and that would be the end of it?

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    Default Re: Is A Deposit Refundable In Rhode Island

    Is this company in the same state as you?

    Did you pay PayPal through your bank account or by credit card? If the latter, you can also dispute the payment through your credit card company.

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