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    Default How much proof is needed

    i will make this short as possible, i have joint legal and joint physical custody of my daughter, born 4 yrs ago, shortly after my hs graduation. it was a battle. her mother attempted to abort in late pregnancy, 26-27 week. 2 separate attempts refused each time. the family is very dysfunctional, my daughter is a gift ,at 21 i live with my parents, work as a police officer, i serve in the army national guard, i want to attend college, however child support and my daughter come first, living on my own is not affordable. my daughter has her own room and is very happy when she is with me.we do not miss a visitation, i was deployed for 13 months to iraq, with a 2 week leave at 6mths, it was written my parents would continue visits while i was away on military orders. her mom has made many attempts to keep me from my daughter.
    the battle for visitation and rights as her father was drug out for 2 yrs. her mother married, has another child, my daughter is not kept clean, many tiimes she has come with a terrible odor and obvious uncleanliness, i buy her clothes , shoes,military covers and i pay for insurance....i paid for dance and supplies. her mom gets more than ample suppot payments. we live in a small town, i am told frequently how my daughter appears. this week she came for a visit, when my sister n law began to help by brushing her hair,she found her head was flea infested. i am just blown away. i never want her back there .
    i am told i do not have enough grounds to gain primary custody of my daughter, my daughter has been taught to call her stepfather daddy,, i dispise this. what can be done to get my child from this home ? my location is small town in central alabama.

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    Default Custody Problems

    Your biggest problem appears to be that you are not in a position to be a full-time cusodial parent, due to overseas deployment. You would be dependent upon your parents to provide custody during a substantial part of the year, which is something a court would have to consider when evaluating the relative households.

    You may wish to consult a lawyer about the possibility of your parents seeking a guardianship of the child, such that they obtain custody through the guardianship (ensuring her a safe and appropriate place to stay), ideally with you exercising your present level of custody and parenting time when you are in the U.S.

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