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    Default Is It Best To Get Married In Mexico

    (IL)My boyfriend is a Mexican illegal (crossed w/o inspection) living in the states for 12 years. He was deported once 10 years ago and immediately came back and has had no record since. My question is: because of this deportation he would surely face the 10 year ban if he went back to Mexico? He is under the impression that if we marry in Mexico I could bring him back on a spouse visa. I have heard that this takes quite sometime. We will be consulting with an immigration lawyer shortly but I was hoping to get some advice from someone who has actually gone through this.
    Thank you for all of your help.

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    Default Re: Getting married in Mexico best?

    If he is caught again he will face lifetime ineligibility. Don't count on a spouse visa having any effect on that.

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    Default Re: Is It Best To Get Married In Mexico

    Depending on when was he deported and why, your boyfrend might qualify for aoutside processings and file for unlawfull entry into the U.S. through a waiver.

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