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    Default HOA Security Cameras

    My HOA is considering installation of security cameras at the development entrance as a crime deterrent in our neighborhood. However expensive I think the idea of it being a crime deterrent is frought with problems let alone an invasion of privacy recording the entry and exit of every resident and their guests.

    I appreciate the idea, but I'm very skeptical about the effectiveness of the solution and basically expect the camers to be stolen multiple times anyway.

    Has anyone had to deal with this before, found effective or not for the purpose of neighborhood security?

    There has been theft in the neighborhood, my response has been to install my own home alarm system, sign is out front and I haven't had a problem at all. If cars are outside they are locked and have an alarm. That doesn't mean that my house hasn't been egg'd by the kids, but does the HOA seriously think that $20K in security cameras is going to stop the house egging? I think most sentencing guidelines are fairly light for this type of crime.

    So when a crime happens, I can only imagine that the pictures taken are of stolen vehicles, so then what?

    I'm very skeptical about the whole idea and need some strong convincing that it is worth investing thousands to install and maintain. I think my HOA board has misguided notions about the effectiveness of this technology to stop ANY sort of crime or vandalism in the neighborhood. I'm protesting the special assessment to purchase the system.

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    Default Re: HOA Security Cameras

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    Default Re: HOA Security Cameras

    I don't see how security cameras are going to deter some one from doing a crime. Look at how many people still shop lift when there are over 100 security cameras in dept. stores. Some even have plain clothed security personell walking around to try and catch them in the act. Some get caught some don't. Besides that is the HOA completely sorrounded by a Cement Wall that is impossible to scale over. Is there solid steel electronic gates at each entry point. If not then what is to say the person who commited the crime even used the main entry point. In my opinion I do not see how security cameras will prevent anything. Now hiring a security company to patrol the area and man the gate would work better.

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