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    Unhappy Roommate Moved Out Months Ago And Now Wants Deposit Back

    Please help me - I am trying to deal with a roommate from hell.

    4 of us signed a lease in June 2006 for a 3 bedroom house in Orlando, FL. It was myself, a close friend, and another close friend and her boyfriend. We each payed an equal share into the edposit for the house. To make a long story short, the boyfriend was supposed to move in a month or two later (he was moving from another city) but never did. After the hemming and hawing for 2 months about when he was going to move in, the decision was made between boyfriend and girlfriend that he was NOT going to move to Orlando and live with us. Without asking us, she (the girlfriend) told him that we would all cover the boyfriend's rent for the duration of our lease. I found this out 2 days before rent was due for September, as I was writing the check for my fourth of the rent. The girlfriend and I had a heated discussion where she insisted that I owed her extra money to cover the byofriend's rent. Ultimately, our 4th roommate stepped in and loaned me the money to cover the extra rent that I supposedly owed. A few days later, the girlfriend decides that she wants to move out as well.

    She gave us 30 days' notice, and offered to help us find another roommate. She suggested a couple from the place that she worked, but they were unsuitable (as you can imagine, we did not want to live with another couple again!). Without removing herself from the lease, she moved out. This was at the beginning of September 2006. Our lease was not supposed to end until May 2007.

    My friend (the other roommate) and I stayed in the house and split the rent between the 2 of us. At the end of our lease, we found another house together and moved in. I contacted my previous leasing office about when we could expect the deposit back and to determine if any damages were being assessed (we'd spilled). At the end of the conversation, our property manager confirmed my mailing address. The address that he had actually belonged to our roommate that moved out in September. I corrected the address, but now I don't know what to do. I can't imagine why she would feel like she's owed part of the deposit, when she left well before the lease was up. To me, her move out forfeited her deposit, especially since she left us alittle screwed. Should I call her and try to sort this out??

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    Default Re: Roommate Moved Out Months Ago And Now Wants Deposit Back

    You chose not to find another roommate, which creates a significant problem in terms of your trying to claim that she owes you additional rent after she moved. I don't see anything in your post which would give you a claim to her share of the damage deposit.

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