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    Unhappy Divorce For Separated Parents Living In Different States

    I'll give a description of my situation and hopefully someone has some valuable info or advice.
    I have been married for 7 years and have a daughter in 2nd grade. I love my daughter. And my wife (despite what has happened.)

    We disagreed on our budget and spending limits. As well as some bitterness because of some arguements about money some domestic issues.
    Money was always tight. I have worked full time for 7 years. My wife only worked part time. (Partly because day care was so expensive before school age)

    We probably did need a break. But I didn't forsee how personally devestating and unfair this was to my fatherhood and me personally. I really feel stupid, so depressing.

    My wife and daughter go on vacation to her hometown to visit family during the summer for a couple weeks. This year we didn't have the money. My wife stubbornly went anyway, for a whole month.

    When they returned she informed me that they were going to move back and live with her mother.

    It was a very emotional time and I think I made a huge mistake letting this take place.

    We signed a personal trial seperation agreement. (Good for the 2006-2007 school year) We didnt want to change our daughters school mid year. I agreed to send $400 a month and we kept our shared auto insurance and cell phones, Which I pay also, half is about $100. I'm trying to do the right thing and hopefully my family will come back.

    After they were gone I discovered the joint bank account was over drawn 5 times because of the vacation, and a negative balance. I was left with no money and all the bills. (A total slap in the face, there was no reason to stick it to me like that)

    I have so much regret for letting this happen without getting legal council.

    We have been seperated for 9 months now. Our agreement will expire in June. Its looking like divorce. My wife seems to be settling in. (Living with her mom and working part time) LOL

    My daughter and I talk almost every day on the phone but I want shared custody and to see her regularly.

    How difficult is it to divorce from a different state?

    Have they been in another state to long?

    How much will this cost me?

    How much child support if I rarely see my daughter?

    Will I have to move to there city to get shared custody?

    Thanks in advance for any advice and info,

    a dad

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    Default Re: Divorce For Separated Parents Living In Different States

    Unless your ex- chooses not to contest the issue, custody and visitation will have to be litigated where the child is presently domiciled - the state where the mother and child presently live. You can divorce in your state, but if your wife objects that state will not be able to resolve the custody issues as the child has been domiciled in another state for more than six months. Your chances of shared custody are very low if you are in different states and go up if you live near the child. Call some lawyers to see what they would charge you.

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