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    Default Tax Collection And IRS Liens In Bankruptcy

    Is the IRS and any other taxing authority allowed to pursue collections while I am in the middle of a chapter 7 (filed 10/13/2005 - NO discharge yet).

    Also, on other threads, there was discussion of getting relief from any mortgages or liens that are more than the value of the house. In our case, the house is probably worth 220k. 155k first, 95k second, and an 80k tax lien. Can the tax lien and part of the 2nd be discharged? And is it too late to include? I am in Ohio.

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    Default Re: Tax Collection And IRS Liens In Bankruptcy

    Talk to your bankruptcy lawyer. It sounds like you might benefit from Chapter 13 bankruptcy, as it is easier to strip tax liens in Chapter 13 proceedings. In general terms... In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy the tax would have to be dischargeable and, even then, the lien would only be discharged to the extent that it is not secured at the time of the filing.

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