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    Default Getting A Disputed Debt Off Of A Credit Report

    Here is the history, it may be long, but I will make it as quick as possable.

    1. My girlfriend at the time we were going out had a GM Master card through HSBC and had me added as asecond card holder. I signed nothing in the original Application nor when the request for the second card was made. Later she filed bankruptcy and included this account with the BK.

    2. I goto buy a car and see that it is reporting on my credit as if it was my debt, I dispute it through the CRAs and get responses back that they will remove them do to no verfication.

    3 With in a month of the CRA disputes I get a letter from RJM ACQ that they have the debt and I owe it. I talked to my lawyer, he said to send them a letter requesting they provide proof of the debt, which I did, then RJM sends me a letter that they are looking into the matter. I have not heard a word back since that letter, but they are still reporting the debt and now the orginal one from HSBC is reporting (or may not have stopped).

    My Question is, I need to get a home equity loan and this is KILLING my already damaged credit. What more should I do to get them to take it off? I sent them a DV letter and they sent back saying they were checking, but its still reporting and I have heard nothing back. It has been at least a month since I got that letter and closer to two months.

    I live in Ohio, if that helps at all.

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    Default Re: Getting A Disputed Debt Off Of A Credit Report

    Did you check to see if the disputed entry was dropped from your credit report during the pendency of the dispute?

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    Lightbulb Re: Getting A Disputed Debt Off Of A Credit Report

    It is my understanding that once a demand letter requiring the creditor to provide proof has been sent, they then have 30 days to send you that proof, if they do not send it to you within the 30 days then the have to remove it from your credit report.

    If they can not prove it they must remove it.....

    I would wait 30 days from the date of the letter the creditor sent to you in response to your demand, if you do not receive proof within those 30 days send a letter demanding them to remove the derogatory rating. Also copy the credit reporting companies demanding they remove the item.

    I have some sample letters I found on the Internet that I used, they worked for me.

    Feel free to email me if want me to send them to you, they are Microsoft Word documents.

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    Default Re: Getting A Disputed Debt Off Of A Credit Report

    You can also sue the credit report companies for not following the FCRA. If you have all the copies you sent them along with the letters they sent back you should be able to nail them in court and get a few grand out of it too.

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    Default Re: Getting A Disputed Debt Off Of A Credit Report

    in VA
    I have very similiar situation where I have disputed account, sent letter demanding verification, sent followup letters demanding the removal as they had not complied with the 30 days required according to FCRA, sent copies to the credit bureaus and it has been well over 8 months and the CRAs are STILL reporting the information. I have never recieved ANY reponses at all from any of the creditors. The CRAs claim that when they investigated the disputed accounts that they came back as valid therefore, if I still believe that the information is inaccurate that I need to take it up with the creditors. I don't know how I can take it up with the creditors if they will not respond to any of my previous certified letters! Any suggestions? It is preventing my husband from getting employment.

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