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    Default Out of Boundaries Roadway in Vermont

    My wife and I conveyed an easment across our land 50' in width for a developer to build a road and access his development. From all appearances, the roadbed appears to be more than 50' wide, with the slope of the road sides even wider, perhaps 80' in width total. The easement included rights for utilities.

    I have a few questions?
    What is my legal path and recourse if the developer has constructed the roadway wider than the 50' easement?

    The local gas and electric companies want me to sign additional "exclusive" easements for the developers benefit. It is the policy of the Town where I live to not give "exclusive" utility easements on public R.O.W.'s. Should I be concerned about the exclusivity clauses? Do I need to sign another easement for these utilities, since the developer already has those in his easment?
    I do have legal counsel that I have emailed over the long weekend, but would appreciate more opinions.
    Thanks, Albany14

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    Default Re: Out of Boundaries Roadway in Vermont

    What, exactly, is the language you used in the recorded grant of easement?

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