I am 22 and am mortified to be posting this....or even that this happened. I feel horrible about it and will SERIOUSLY never shoplift (or try to) again. So, tonight I was caught trying to steal under $40 (probably $25) worth of cosmetics from Kohl's department store. I filled out their paperwork that said I can not go in a Kohl's store for 7 years, signed a list of items that I had taken, they took my photo and my driver's license #, social, etc. But they said that they are not pressing charges, and that my information would not leave Kohl's database. So what's next?? I know that I have to pay 5X the amount of the items, but will that be the end of it?? Once I pay the bill? They did not call the police, are not pressing charges or bringing in anyone outside of Kohl's. But what happens now? Are they posting my photo in stores (for customers to see), or will it stay in their computers? I'm so nervous right now, I've never done this before and am so embarassed and sorry that it happened. I need advice. Thank you.