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    Default Father Wants To Avoid Any Responsibility For Our Unborn Baby

    He wants to completely dissapear, he doesn't want his name to be associated with me or this baby.

    I however, do not wish to play by his rules. I want my baby's paternity established with a DNA test, even though I know it is his. I also want his name on record as the father on the birth certificate. When the baby is born, I want to work out an agreement for child support. I can't do any of this if he skips out on me though.

    I was also wondering, if he does not want to be involved can I have him waive his paternity rights to the child, but still be financially responsible? In order to waive his paternal rights, does he have to be listed on the birth certificate?

    Is there any way I can legally force him to do any of the above even if he doesn't want too?

    We both live in Idaho.

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    Default Re: 5 weeks pregnant and the father wants to dissapear

    Try starting here, you will find a lot of information.

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    Default Re: 5 weeks pregnant and the father wants to dissapear

    Thank you! That was very helpful.

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