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    Default Protectinc Property from Partner's Next of Kin

    My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: Florida
    Two people buy a house and each pay 50%. They don't want to get married. How can they protect their investment from next of kin should one die?

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    Default Re: Protectinc Property from Partner's Next of Kin

    You register the deed as joint tenants with right of survivorship If one tenant dies the property goes to the other tenant(s).

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    Default Re: Protectinc Property from Partner's Next of Kin

    And by making a will that spells out the disposition of personal property.

    And by listing a beneficiary on accounts.

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    Default Re: Protectinc Property from Partner's Next of Kin

    The other thing you need to be clear with your co-owner is that they should not do anything to break the joint tenancy. Just because the deed was granted JTWROS doesn't mean one party can't unilaterally change things.

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