My question involves real estate located in the State of: New York

Neighbor (contentious) with a half acre of land, 1 car and a 60 ft long 12 ft wide driveway, cleared his car, the first 10 ft of the driveway and the town snow plow wake onto my property at the road end, dumped nothing on his own property. He left the rest of his driveway covered in snow.

Now I have to hoist the heavy plow-snow 20 feet over to the other side to dig out my own driveway (instead of being able to do half to the left, half to the right)--plus he piled it so high that it is dangerous to pull out as my driveway has a hill and I can't really see past the tall and wide mound as I back out.

Are there any NY laws about dumping snow on neighboring properties? There's no reason it couldn't have been dumped on the driveway that he didn't bother clearing, or on the other side of his vehicle. I'd like to put a stop to it; knowing there was a law behind it would help in case he gives me a hard time.