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    Can't tell if that was sarcasm or not.

    What makes you think I don't?
    I told you why in a prior post.
    You don't seem to have a compelling case that permits one:
    1. You don't show that you are likely to prevail.
    2. You don't show that no other equitable relief is available.
    3. You don't show that you will suffer irrevocable harm without it.

    It's not clear that you'd win a civil case. All we have is your supposition that your story is correct and the buyers is wrong.

    The usual equitable relief in such cases is awarding the money in question (possibly with some additional amount for additional damage incurred), not blocking potential returns.

    Again, all you are out is money. That's easily remedied and in no way irrevocable. An injunction on the return ain't going to happen.

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