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    Default How Can I Get Emancipated Without a Job

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: Ohio

    I am 15 and I wish the be emancipated or any other way of moving out of my current household. I love my parents dearly but for a few years it ahs been extremely difficult living with them. There are many issues with communication and other things that aren't abusive or neglectful but still put me in a very damaging mental state. I feel trapped in this household and I feel like I'll never be able to move or leave. I take college courses and accelerated courses and give out good quality work but I struggle with staying on time with assignments. This is not because I'm lazy but because I am extremely depressed and suffer from mental disorders that I believe are made worse by the environment I am in. I have lived with my sister before for multiple months, doing everything I am given and doing it well and during that time I did not feel depressed at all and I had finally felt free. However, I am not able to live with my sister but I know that the issue does in fact lie with my household or environment.

    I feel as though I am never going to escape this household or ever make it past the age of 18 or 20 so I lack the motivation of doing any work or assignments, feeling like there is no point in meeting requirements to graduate when I don't feel I am going to live till then. My parents aren't abusive and are loving a lot of the time but the other half of the time our household is full of fighting and negativity and while I know some of it is also my fault, I know I would do better off both mentally and education-wise out of this environment. I know the requirements for emancipation include having a solid income my parents will not let me get a job no matter how much I talk to them. My sister is a legal adult (28) and feels the same way I do about me being capable of getting a job, even having multiple conversations with them about letting me get a job. I know how to prioritize school over work and before I had gotten into the ditch I currently am in, I would turn in every assignment in on time and give excellent work in both my college and accelerated classes. I know my capabilities so it is frustrating to see how hard it is for me to do my work in the mental state I am in currently. Due to Covid-19 and other issues, finding impatient or even outpatient hospitals or therapy groups to help me with my mental state is difficult.

    I have a few learning disabilities such as ADHD and ADD and while I know alternative schooling and learning may give me better options and help me be able to do well in school while still living in this household, my parents want to keep me on the current track I am on because it will allow me to do more college classes during high school and allow me to do these classes for free. I understand their want for me to stay where I am in regard to my schooling situation but I also know that if I do these classes and stay in this household that my mental state is only going to get worse. Currently, my mom helps me organize how I complete my schoolwork because how I am struggling but I know that if I wasn't in the mental state that I was, I wouldn't need the help. I know that I would be able to continue the classes and schooling that I am currently doing if my mental state wasn't what it is. I know that this post repeats a lot of the same points but I really want to find a way to be able to figure this out because I feel that I am only going to get worse mentally to a point where I won't be able to continue my accelerated schooling and school in general.

    Even if I didn't think about how my education has been suffering, this household still makes it really hard to find motivation to do any day-to-day tasks and I often find myself struggling with passive suicide ideation, or suicide ideation where I don't actually plan on taking my life, but I still think about dying or taking my life. There's a lot of factors and parts in my situation that make it difficult for me to find a solution. My parents are abusive or neglectful but still put me in a bad mental state. I have options for jobs that I could get but no matter how much me and other family members try to convince my parents, I get no permission to get a job which makes it impossible for me to get a job. I know that I have mentioned my mental state a lot during this post but I believe it is a major issues as I feel that it is getting worse and I am thinking about unhealthy coping mechanisms and suicide more often.

    I don't know what options there are but I hope that there is some way that I could get out of this place. I love my parents and I wish to keep in contact with them but I believe that it's not healthy for me to live with them and I don't know if I can wait another 3 years before I can move.

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    Default Re: How Can I Get Emancipated Without a Job

    I am 15 and I wish the be emancipated or any other way of moving out of my current household.
    That's easy. On your 18th birthday pack up your stuff and leave.

    Your about the millionth unhappy teenager who has written here asking about emancipation.

    If you think your home life is bad, wait until you get out in the adult's real world where you have to make a living, pay your bills, and it's your bosses who will be making you unhappy.

    Don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Concentrate on school, obey your parents, stop kvetching, get some counseling if you need it.

    Emancipation is not happening. Period.

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    Default Re: How Can I Get Emancipated Without a Job

    The state of Ohio will emancipate a minor who is 16 or 17 years old in two, and only two, situations. One is in the case of lawful marriage, the other is enlistment in the active armed forces. For both of which you need parental permission, and in some parts of the state marriage also requires permission of the court. I believe you have to be 17 to enlist.

    In both cases, if the marriage ends or you leave the service while you are still a minor, the emancipation is automatically revoked and you return to the custody of your parents.

    Do not bother asking if there can be an exception. There are no exceptions.

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