My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: California

Good Morning,

My wife was involved in a 4 car accident in which the at fault vehicle the last one rear ended car in front of her and that car got pushed into my wife's car who's car then got pushed into another vehicle. The accident happened on the freeway and the at fault driver was negligent and ticketed for speeding. my wife's Audi Q5 was totaled along with the 2 other vehicles behind her. The at fault driver's insured is progressive and injury claim was placed. My wife finished her treatments and submitted a claim for $37k. Her medical bills/lost wages totaled about $17k and asking for $20k in compensation. Progressive called her stating that the insured policy limits may exceed as the car behind my wife's car the driver is suppose to be having spinal surgery and the insured has not given progressive authority to resolve my claim.

1) what remedy's do i have to resolve my claim if progressive is stating the insured has not given them authority to resolve my claim?
2) How long should i wait as she said they will follow up in 30 days.
3) What have others done in this situation to resolve the claim? should i hire a personal injury lawyer? i did everything my self so far.

Please advise what remedy options i could have.

thank you