Hello everyone. This is my first time posting on here. Iíve read the forums in the past and found some great advice, so hereís hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

Iím looking at a piece of property in PA to buy and build on. Itís a really great piece of property, has a nice creek on it, tons of space, some woods, and itís cheap! Almost too good to be true!... and it is. It has an issue with access.

Many years ago, access was not an issue. You could easily turn off the main road and access the property. But a while back, they rebuilt the bridge on the main road that goes over the creek. When they did that, they put Jersey barriers and metal guard rail in. That completely blocks off the property from access. To see the land, you have to park down the road and walk. There is literally no where to drive on from the main road.

The real estate agent who is listing it told me the owner is listing it cheap because he looked into getting it access a while back by getting some of the guard rail removed, but said it was an incredibly expensive process, and one that required a real estate attorney. So, he never did it, and decided to sell.

I like this piece of land and would like to build on it. Where Iím at currently I could afford to do this. However, if there is some major expense involved with the access, that is going to be tough for me.

But I canít believe removing some guard rail would require a real estate attorney. I would think it is something I could get done by going to the township or the state. Quite honestly though, Iím lost. I donít know the first step to take in doing this.

Does anyone have any advice on what you think I should do, and if I need a real estate attorney? And do you think Iíll have some major money just in getting access? I am waiting to pull the trigger until I know I can do this. I donít want to jump in only to find out I have to put most of my money into access, or even find out I canít get access, which would be hard for me to believe.

Any tips are appreciated!

Jay Glaus