My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Missouri. I singed up for a Resume and was told, "Don't get hired in 45 days get your money back plus $100 for your trouble." I didn't get hired because the resume was really poor. When I went to get my refund after 45 days I was told the disclaimers in order to get refund were 1. you must be unemployed, 2. You must have copies of certified mail or faxes as receipts that you sent your resume to 40 different companies, and 3. I can prove I followed the resume company's tips and advise in an objective way. I'm thinking no one is actually able to get a refund and that the guarantee is fake.
I know I was foolish to do business with them without making sure to find the disclaimer but they allowed me to purchase without ensuring I navigated to a page that included the rules of the guarantee. It was in a tiny hard to find hyperlink on the home page.

Am I entitled to anything?