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    Lightbulb Can Someone Use a Trademarked Company Name As Their Email

    Hello! Appreciate all you folks on here supporting the forum by keeping the conversation flowing and adding value with your experiences and feedback.

    My question pertains to the use of email addresses and trademarks: If someone trademarked, say, "Asian Hustle"...are they entitled to that email in the event something like '' is taken?

    I recall coming across something similar happening with Instagram usernames where if trademark/IP documentation is forwarded to Instagram, they could take allow you to absorb a username someone else has created if it isn't in use. For example, if someone created 'asianhustle' as an IG handle but it isn't in use and I have that name, I may be able to present my case to IG and IG is likely to repurpose that username and give me the rights to use it..

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    Default Re: Can Someone Use a Trademarked Company Name As Their Email

    Nothing stops you from doing that. If you do business using something that is a trademark in a way that causes confusion with the legitimate holder of the mark or dilutes a famous mark, you can be sued. Google is free to have their own rules, but I know for a fact they don't get involved with gmail account squatting (they do on some other of there service usernames like YouTube).

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    Default Re: Can Someone Use a Trademarked Company Name As Their Email

    Your question doesn't really raise a legal issue. It's entirely up to the ISP who provides the email service. Of course, if the person who has created the email address is using it in a way that is confusing to consumers, that would change the analysis significantly.

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