I got an MIP in Monmouth, Oregon. The reason the cops came was because of a noise complaint, however, we went to all the neighbors and none of them had called the cops. About 6 peoplpe ended up getting MIPs. But if no neighbors thought it was loud, then would that mean the noise complaint is invalid? So if it was invalid then would all the MIPs be dropped? Also, I got an MIP, but I was never asked if I had drank. The officer asked everyone else, but not me. One person was let go because they had not been drinking and passed the test. Cant I say that I wasnt asked, so how do they know that I was drinking? The other thing is that we looked at city laws and it says the maximum fine is $250, yet our tickets were written for $421. Can someone please answer these questions for me. It would be very much appreciated. Thanks.