My question involves defamation in the state of: Wisconsin. I requested transcripts for minor guardianship case. Upon review I found the transcripts had been altered and switched. Among a false statement as as if I was removed from the courtroom. The social worker testified that she had a phone conversation with me. But I never spoke with her before the date in question. The transcripts were altered to make it appear as though I came in on a petition that was dismissed with prejudice in January. The case was dismissed but not with prejudice. The judge stated my case frivolous and dismissed. I have evidence in the transcripts to prove it. I came in on a new petition number and the court add the old number to the case. I have proof of that. This judge has been bias, retaliatory, and prejudice toward me. For the actions of my daughter at a hearing the judge would not allow me to be part of. I want to know if I can sue the court and ask for damages. The judge abused her discretion.