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    My question involves real estate located in the State of: arkansas I have recently leased a pice or property ,and i have to cross two other Parcells of land to reach it. The first parcel of land has an easment the other parcel does not. The property was once owned by one individual , and was recently divided and sold .The road used to access the property is an established road ,and the only option to to access the property.Can the owners of the second parcel of land denie me access through there property ?

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    If no easement was granted across the second property at the time the properties were subdivided, then yes they can deny you access and that would make the property you leased landlocked. So if the second property owner will not now grant you an easement, your only option would be to have the landlord file a quiet title lawsuit and ask the court to grant an easement by necessity. Since landlocked property is not in the public interest and the two parcels were under common ownership, the court would likely grant the easement. But that is an expensive route to take.

    You should be talking to your landlord about resolving the problem.

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