My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Maryland

Right around August 16th I was caught speeding by a Maryland State Trooper. Everything went well and the officer cut me a ticket for only 9 miles above the speed limit as a "deal" since he said if he gave me a ticket for the real speed it would be a whole lot higher. Anyway It seems like the system has changed a whole bunch and he gave me a ticket that looked a whole lot like a plastic receipt that I didn't have to sign. It also seems that I need to explicitly specify what I'm going to do since they don't automatically give me a trial date. It looks like I get the option of either "Request Waiver Hearing" or "Request Trial".

My concern is my car insurance increasing as a result of the ticket. Back in the day I would just go to trial and plead guilty and get a PBJ by the judge. What should I do to avoid the points. I was reading that 9 miles over the limit is 1pt in MD. My record is clean with no points and no major accidents.