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    Default Transferring a House to a Living Trust

    My question involves estate proceedings in the state of: South Carolina

    I intend to transfer title to my house to a living trust, i.e., to "My name as trustee of ..." I'm using downloaded forms. My intention is to fill them out as completely as I can before asking an attorney to review them.

    The TITLE TO REAL ESTATE given to me when I purchased my house is accompanied by an AFFIDAVIT FOR TAXABLE OR EXEMPT TRANSFERS, which states, on line 8:

    As required by Code Section 12-24-70, I state that I am a responsible person who was connected with the transaction as: ___Settlement Agent________

    The AFFIDAVIT is then signed by “Responsible Person Connected with the Transaction,” in this case, an employee of the law firm handling the closing.

    In completing a new AFFIDAVIT in the process of affecting the title transfer, I assume I am the “Responsible Person.” Do I then sign the document as “Settlement Agent,” simply as “Principal,” or something else? Is this something that requires an agent other than myself?

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    Default Re: Transferring a House to a Living Trust

    This is a question that your attorney can advise you on.

    EDIT: For reference - here is your original thread ( ) - this question could (and probably should) have been posted there so that we would have all relevant background info.

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