My question involves court procedures for the state of: Virginia.

Long story short I was arrested and spent some time in jail. Im currently in a hospital after being found NGRI.

My belongings were split between my mother, aunt and cousin who is extremely irresponsible.

My mom got all my clothing and electronics, my aunt took my car and my cousin got my tools. A few months ago my aunt moved and couldn't take the car with her due to not having room for it so she dropped it off at my cousins house.

When I got a chance to check on my stuff at my cousins house I found that someone had keyed a triangle into the hood, and my cousin who lays in bed in all of his free time allowed the battery to die. My aunt says the triangle was not carved into the hood when it was at her place, and I believe her because she would actually start the car and drive it around her property to charge the battery and keep the fuel from gelling up and collecting moisture.

My tools were scattered all over the place in the toolbox, things out of place and tools even missing. I haven't had a chance to check my tools over so I don't know how much has gone missing but I use my tools to make a living so I'm not happy.

I have decided that if I need to replace more than $100 in tools I'm going to ask for reimbursement. The car Im not worried about because I was planning on eventually replacing the hood after dropping it during and engine replacement which dented it.

I spoke with my cousins mother this morning and explained how dissatisfied I was about my cars and tools and when I brought up reimbursement she got upset and said you dont do that to people who take care of your things and claimed if he wouldnt have took them they would of sold my tools or given them away. When I said he should've put the tools back and also asked my permission to use them she stated the family gave him permission to use my tools without consulting me.

I have reason to believe that he won't pay me in the event I ask for reimbursement, as he wouldnt even buy a car for his daughters when they got their licenses. He left it up to his mother to do so despite having the money to do so; so I believe I may need to take him to court.

Before anyone says anything, there is really no love between me and my cousin. He's am arrogant ass, does absolutely nothing for his kids as he sees caring for children to be a woman's job and he even brandished a firearm at me back in 2007 when I pulled into his driveway. He was high as gas and mistook me for an intruder, thinking he could shoot someone who stepped out of their car into his driveway.

I'm just curious as to what I would need to prove in small claims court.