My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: California
I rented an apt with my boyfriend, we signed a new lease for our 2nd year in 01/05/ 2017. signed again in June of 2018 with rental increase. We started having major disagreements and I moved out in July of 2018 I emailed the property management and asked what i needed to do to get name off lease because i moved out of town but my ex was still living there. They responded saying to send them an email stating that i moved out and was giving my 30 day notice and that i would forfeit my $1400.00 deposit so I did that (time laps in emails this was completed in oct. 2018) In Sept 2020 papers come to my work to garnish my wages. the papers were from property management for that apt. stating UD case was filed in March of 2019 for nonpayment of rent for $55 non payment in Feb. and full rental amount for March 2019, complaint filed in April 4, 2019. I was never served or contacted by email for my new address I accepted their offer to take my name off lease by forfeiting my deposit. They requested the court to post service at the apt that they knew i hadn't lived in for almost a year. They won a default judgement and right after they win by default they now know my work and home address and gave my work garnishment papers. What can i do? They agreed to take me off now i have UD case on my record can i get compensated for them lowering my credit score or punitive damages for this? They want $3199.56. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. It just feels like total abuse of the process. My last paycheck was garnished.
Thank you