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    Angry Joint Owner Of A Car Skips Town

    This is not for me, but for my brother and sister in law who live in Texas. They have a situation on hand with my sister in law's younger sister.

    The younger sister lived with my brother and his wife (her sister) for a couple of months and she was driving her sister's car to and from work. One day she backed into someone and busted up her sister's car and it was in the shop for about 4 weeks. During this time, the younger sister had no car to go to and from work so my brother and sister in law decided to get her a car. They went to a dealership and purchased a car. My brother is the primary signer and the younger sister is the co-signer on the registration. A few weeks later, the younger sister decided that she was moving out and getting her own apartment. After a few weeks of having issues paying her bills, the younger sister decided she was tired of struggling and got on a bus back to Michigan. The younger sister never once mentioned that she was wanting to return to Michigan or having such a bad time. She left her sister a text message saying that the keys for her apartment were in the car and the car was outside of her apartment. Needless to say, my sister in law had to take on the responsibility of turning in the keys for the apartment and is now stuck paying for a car that she doesn't want. She has made many attempts to contact the younger sister with no success. Now the phone is cut off and there is no way to reach her.

    My brother and sister in law want to sell the car because they cannot afford to pay for this car at $300 per month. The registration is no where to be found so now my brother has to file for a copy of the registration because it is assumed lost along with all the stuff that was in her apartment. When they do get the copy, they still will not be able to sell the car because the younger sister's name is on the registration.

    The younger sister has moved to another state and they are not able to reach her. She has only paid $160 towards the car that she got in April. We are going into June and they desperately need help. Even if they do get in contact with her, they have the feeling that she will refuse to sign over her rights to the car.

    How do they get her name of the car and get this car sold?

    Help need ASAP please!!! THANKS!!!!

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    Default Re: Cosigner (sis-in-law) skips town

    The best way, as you obviously know, is to have her sign the title. Secondarily, she could issue a power of attorney authorizing the sale. If neither is possible your brother may have to get a court order authorizing the sale.

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