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And under Model Forms of Account the Model Estate Account seems to be a sample of what you are talking about.

Beyond that, I have no clue.
I think that is for option one, of the choices I listed earlier , filing an account . I want to do option 2 , enter into a family settlement agreement. The easier less formal option . Us three heirs all get along well and just want to finish this up. We are not planning to sue each other .

Thanks everyone for responding .

Much of this whole process of settling an estate in pa. has been shrouded in mystery. Obviously because its a big money maker for lawyers. Its kind of hilarious really. People die in Pennsylvania and the snakes really come out of the woodwork. We are one of 5 states that came up with the idea to tax the heirs right to inherit. Which in turn created a booming industry for the Elder law estate business. The state collects 4.5% on the estate and the lawyers collect another 5% of the estate. I realize the government needs revenue but this seems like an inefficient way to get it . You file the will at the county courthouse , pay a bunch of fees $400.00 and they have signs up all over putting the fear of god into you warning that employees cannot give out legal advice. The county employees all warn you to get a lawyer. Then you request a huge packet of instructions (most don't know these exist). First 3 pages of which warn you to not attempt this on your own without a lawyer. None of this is really all that hard if you had a clear set of instructions, examples etc.
If I only knew the secret handshake they might help me with that family settlement thing.

Since this probate stuff is all a matter of public record , could probably go look at how family settlement was handled in other estates .