My question involves real estate located in the State of: CA
We bought an old house outside of San Francisco with an old fence on a small lot. We are doing a complete demo of the property. When we bought the property, we spent $9000 for a survey and filed it with the city/county. On the south side, the survey showed we lost 4 feet of property along the fence and the neighbor asked to reestablish the correct property line when we put up the fence. On the north side, the delapidated fence is on our property and the property line is off by 2 feet, so we'd gain 2' x 85'. We'd like to remove the delapidated fence, reclaim our property, and put up a new fence. These neighbors have expressed that they do not agree. They have lived there for 20 years. Is the land ours and do we have the right to put up a fence on the property line? They like to battle. And we don't. How would you recommend we proceed? Thx so much!