My question involves an accident that occurred in the state of: California

My 2016 Honda CRV (under warranty) was hit by a deer in California in September of 2019; I was not injured but the deer strike did significant damage to the front end of the car. The car was repaired by a body shop in Monterey, California under a claim to my insurer, Geico. (The body shop is part of a network of body shops called CARSTAR.) The repair was completed in early October 2019 and came with a one-year warranty. In June of 2020 I experienced a sudden seize-up of the car's engine in Yuma, Arizona, where I live. The local Honda dealer found the body shop's repair to be defective; the body shop had not properly installed the main radiator hose. The hose came off while I was driving on the freeway, causing a sudden loss of all of the engine's coolant, which in turn ruined the engine. Estimate to replace the engine $8-10,000.

It has now been more than four months since the seize-up incident and repairs to my car (engine replacement) have not begun. The body shop refuses to honor their warranty, and Geico refuses to honor my claim. The damage to my car is in the neighborhood of $10,000 and the costs to me of not being able to operate the car during the past four months are significantly more than that.

I have not been able to find an attorney to assist me with this case. I feel this situation is beyond the scope and payout limits of small claims courts.
Accident attorneys only want to deal with injury accidents, and I have not found a bad faith or consumer protection attorney who will even discuss the situation. I don't even know if this case is best handled by a California attorney or an Arizona-based attorney. Any advice or referrals to an appropriate law firm would be appreciated.